“Android enjoys 82% smartphone share in the 3rd quarter of 2015 & this
one reason can be enough for selecting Android as a mobile platform for App."

Android Application Development

The number of smartphone users worldwide will surpass 2 billion in 2016. With Google’s Android enjoying over 80% of market share in Smartphone segment, it has quickly becoming a leading & dominiating mobile OS.


Earlier we used to hear only about android phones. But just look at the growth of Android Operating System (OS). It has now moved beyond android phone and now you must have already seen or heard about Android TV, Android Watch and even Android Automobiles (for automobiles - "the right information for the road ahead" as they say it). Google is already focusing big on the Wearable Devices and obviously it all runs on Android, with technology backing by the Google, the only way the Android is heading is northwards. Even the Mobile handset giant Samsung is already offering Samsung Gears. The future of this OS is extremely bright.


Wearable technology are also gaining momentum and augmented reality is posed to become the next big thing. The potential of Android is vast and extends beyond smart phones and tablets. So your investment in developing your mobile App on Android OS and hardware is assured to be safe.


It makes sense for businesses to capitalize on this biggest “open source” innovation. As the Android devices, specifically phones and tablets are becoming more and more affordable, the reach of this OS and hardware knowns no boundaries & bound to be popular across globe. So,

  • Have you explored how Android can help you in increasing your business and boosting your productivity
  • Do you need a mobility solution which can change the way you, your team works as well as you engage your end users?
  • 82% of smart phones in the world are running Android applications.* Do you have an Android app to reach out to this large population of Android mobile users?
  • Do you want to develop your existing mobile application (iPhone/iPad/Blackberry) for Android, to be more inclusive, reaching out to a wider audience?

If answer to any of the above is Yes, you will need a team who is experienced in delivering the apps which works and can also adapt to the ever changing environment in terms of OS, Device types, screen size, keyboard options and user behaviors.


We at Websmith solution has strong experience to develop an app which runs almost on all kind of Android platform. Going further, our team of experts can also create SDKs which can be integrated seamlessly with other applications.


Our experienced professionals are very well versed with using APIs/SDKs necessary to develop the Android based applications and even recreate an iPhone or Blackberry app. So leverage your mobile experience. Be a part of the Android Revolution.


From A Smart Restaurant Management system to Biometrics based SIM Card distribution Apps, we have delivered it all successfully.


Your Idea and your IPR are yours (Non Disclosure Agreement)

Having worked with international clients and large organizations, we understand that you need your IPR to be safeguarded. We are open to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement under which your app ideas and the app continues to be your copyright. Once the project is completed, we can handover the source code to you as per agreement. You will hold the full and exclusive rights to use the app as per your discretion and as per NDA.


*Data Source -

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