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Dealer Management system - MoGIC | MBoss

Platform: Mobile and Web

Mobile / Tablet OS supported:
Android, iOS and Windows Phone

A smart way to manage supply chain and engage sales team:

MoGIC is a suite of Mobile based products created by us and this suite covers about 5 different products. MoGIC is a coined word for "Mobile Magic" and MBoSS is one of the product from this suite and it is a Mobile based Ordering System and features rich software which enables the management team, the dealers and the sales team to effectively communicate with each other and offer a real time visibility of entire process at the finger tips for all those involved in this process.

We have a software product which is a mobile and web based application viz MoGIC - MBOSS ( Mobile based Ordering System ). This product allows the sales force as well as dealers / retailers chain to put the order directly from their mobile / tablet and the consolidation of all the orders happens at the factory or the head quarter in real time, thereby eliminating any manual consolidation of orders as well as providing a valuable insight to the production planning team which in return can provide a more accurate delivery dates to the users and thereby helping them to serve the customers better and enhance brand image.

The software supports all major mobile OS platform and has 6 level support for internal hierarchy and also 4 tier support for distribution channel which includes ( CNF > Distributor > Salesman > Retailers ).

The software also has inbuilt Sales team tracking and management system . Delivery or daily routes can directly be assigned from the Head quarter and the same can be monitored using GPS - Google Maps in real time.

The feature also covers daily attendance module and the sales team can even submit the Travelling allowance claims directly from the mobile app.

Plugin / Addons: MBOSS is equipped to integrate with existing ERP system or Accounting software and following modules can be included to track details in real time

Inventory: Inventory module can be integrated in the app via API or if external data source connectivity is allowed. The software also has the feasibility to connect with Tally Accounting software using Tally Definition Language .

Collections: Outstanding and Cash Collection modules can also be integrated with existing ERP or a separate module can be provided from our end also

Segments: The product is suitable to any business which has a very large product range and the business keep on adding new designs and products frequently. For e.g. to name the few sectors - Jeweler manufacturer, Architectural hardware manufacturer, Food and Beverages manufacturer Premium Gift Article manufacturer, FMCG, Pharma, Auto part manufacturers, Ceramic tile manufacturer and dealers, Bearing manufacturer

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