"Manage your restaurant with next generation technology which helps you to increase table occupancy & offer your visitiors with new experience "

Smart Restaurant Management System - Grubbrr

Platform: Mobile, Web and Desktop Application (POS)

Mobile/Tablet OS supported:
Android, iOS and Windows

"Grubbrr" is the software product developed by us for a USA based consulting company who offers consulting and software solutions to the Hospitality industry. This USA based company choose us to develop a suite of smart solutions for the Hospitality industry.

Grubbrr - is a pool of application which blends online food ordering system (using Android and iOS app) with web application and full scale POS Software for running the restaurant (Android and Windows POS Software). POS Software works on android as well as on Windows platform.

Gurbbrr has proved to increase the sales by almost 20% as it offer multi channel ordering system and it has also proved to improve overall operational efficiency by almost 35% as it offers tools to manage orders from table to kitchen. Further, the restaurant owner also get real time insight of business operations on demand.

The software caters to almost entire range of restaurant and food chain industry. Whether it is a small scale fast food parlor, Quick Service Restaurant, a food chain with multi city presence, a fine dine or a restaurant in the Five star hotel, The software is designed to provide solution all this segments. The Primie features includes

  • Multi channel ordering system with a loyalty program to reward frequent visitors
  • Works on Android, iOS as well as on Windows platform
  • Software works in online as well as offline mode and internet connectivity is not mandatory to run your restaurant
  • The branch/franchisee module help the owner of food chain to expand their operations easily and also to monitor and control all the outlets with realtime tools

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