“What internet did few years back , the same is happening again - this time it is Internet of Things"


GSM Communicator - Let the SIM Communicate

GSM Communicator is a product dedicated to the integration with control panels, controllers, relays, etc. via binary inputs and output.

We work on Simcom Sim900a, SIEMENS ( TC35i / MC55 ) and Wavecom GSM Module . GSM communicator module is developed keeping in mind integrating it with with Control Panels, Relays, Controllers via binary inputs and output. The device is equipped with digital I/Os interfaced with uC unit.

The device can be operated via a Call, Miss call or SMS notification by a registered user. The mobile number is registered on the ROM of the devices and based on input
, the GSM Communicator automatically sends a voice or text message to defined designated, pre-programmed telephone numbers providing a fast and reliable warning.

  • Built In memory for user database
  • Multi Channel – 2/4/8/16…
  • User friendly & secured user registration system
  • Micro Controller based design
  • Status LED – Power, System, Network, Alarm
  • Built In GSM Dialer & Many More…
  • Popular Application
  • Water Pump Operations
  • Machine Fault Alerting
  • Temperature Warnings ( over heating / over cooling / breaching of temperature limits )
  • Supervision and monitoring systems
  • Machine fault alerting
  • Weather station Pumping Stations, Tanks, Oil or Water levels Valve controls
  • Unmanned machine rooms
  • Automation System M2M & IoT application

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