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GSM - GPRS  Data Logging Hardware & Software system

The name - Data Logging itself is very self explantory in terms of functionality and nature of its usage. With growing number of "smart" devices which generates "data", you need a tool to gather, store, manage, upstream and analyse the data. This process of data logging always covers combination of two things - Hardware and Software. Wireless GSM-GPRS data loggers are very useful for remote monitoring .

The reliable Data logging infrastructure requires a time tested hardware and a stable software. Sensors are in place to gather reading and measurement at specified / regular interval and store it device and if the devices are GSM-GPRS enabled than transferring the same to central location. We have a GSM/GPRS data loggers for different applications in various industries.

Wireless GSM - GPRS - RF communication requires GSM/GPRS enabled Remote Terminal Units / data loggers, a Hosting platform i.e. a backend server and a web based application or customized Desktop application or SCADA software application. We us you will get everything under one roof. We offer various kind of hosting platform as well vps to dedicated servers as per your requirements.

The generally temprature, electrical parameters, pressure, humidity, pressure, flow rate or any data with digital or analog signals are captured. No matter which industry you are from you can use these GSM/GPRS data loggers for live data monitoring and control. We can provide you solution for of GSM/GPRS data loggers for different applications in various industries.

Popular Application areas of GSM - GPRS Data Logging :

  • Cold storage Monitor and control
  • Remote industrial Equipment monitor and control
  • Tanks, levels, temperatures, water leakage applications
  • DG Set control and Monitor
  • Transformer Station Monitoring
  • Security alarm system application
  • Valve control power station
  • SCADA – Industrial Automation
  • PLC, M2M
  • Home and Building Automation
  • Power / Weather station monitoring and control
  • Control room monitoring
  • Street Light Control


Many times we are asked do we deal in Data Acquisition Software or only Data Logging Software System, basically the difference between these two is not significant . As we are working on both side of the solution i..e providing you with Hardware as well as developing a customized software solutions, we generally ask, let us know your requirement and we will recommend you the best product solutions.

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