“ Apple created a Magical device which has seen some unmatched sales figures & download trends. Reach out to a different class of mobile enthusiasts..."

iPad Application Development

You might be wondering how the iPhone app can be different from iPad application. From user perspective, the answer lies with the application for which it is going to be used. For example, if it is a contact manager app then the iPhone app will be better, but if you are looking to develop educational software for kids, newspaper reading app, M-Commerce platform, ipad based Point of sale (POS) software,  digital menu for restaurant, or e-catalogue for your product, then the iPad application makes great sense. The crisp, clear display & large screen offers a user experience which will WOW the users. Such technological tools add to brand value and offer an edge over others.

With even faster processing & retina display, new iPad Air & iPad Mini has once again amazed the users and is part of digital life of mobile enthusiasts.

According to Statista July 2015 figures, Apple stores have registered cumulative download of 1.5 million iOS apps, and the figures of 2014 shows that 225 million iPADs were shipped globally since its launch. Now these figures clearly indicates the active user base which uses this magical device. Do you have your user base who are there using the iPad ? So,

  • Is your product or client base such that you need a new way to interact with them?
  • Has your business been successful with the mobile revolution yet you are looking ahead and need an iPad app?
  • Have you ever thought of innovative ways for delivering the wonderful experience? For example, an e-catalogue for your business store, your jeweler shop or teaching students on iPad?
  • 80% of mobile traffic on web is generated from tablets. Are you engaging with these users?
  • Did you know that mobile search has already surpassed the desktop search? Have you prepared your business for this change?
  • Now, does your Digital marketing strategy require an iPad app?
    Do you need a technical partner who can understand your business and help you chalk out a plan which help you to reach your target audience ? We at Websmith Solutions have delivered the solution in iPhone and iPad which has resulted in some amazing results for our clients. Thanks to our creative, experienced and highly skilled development team, we can provide cost effective applications.

At websmith solution, we don't simply develop mobile application because they need to be developed. We keep in mind the purpose for which it is getting developed and the end user who is going to use it. So, the objective of the iPad app and its user is always the key parameter to develop and deliver a solution.

The general process involves

Strategy - At Websmith Solution, we take the mobile app development process very seriously. It’s not just about putting a bunch of codes together and delivering an app that underperforms and disappoints. For us, time is not of the essence but rather what we come up with within that time matters more.

Design - Once the strategy defined, the most important aspect of User Interface (UI)and User Experience (UX) comes into play and experts in this segment prepare mockups that will cover the most useful features and intuitive flow. This step in the process is iterative and requires feedback loop between you and us to ensure that we fine-tune the user experience to the maximum.

Development - Our team has expertise in this because this is what we are here for, and having delivered some complex apps, we know what it takes to make your app work in live environment. With rigorous testing, we ensure your app is live without any issues. We also embed mobile app performance monitoring tool to gather the behavior of the app in real world and take corrective action in case of any issue reported via such tool.

Maintenance and Support will always be part of the delivery and you can be rest assured that the development team who worked on your app knows when to upgrade your app to a new version when new OS is launched by Apple.

Your Idea and your IPR are yours (Non Disclosure Agreement)

Having worked with overseas client as well as large organizations, we understand that you need your IPR to be safeguarded. We are open to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement under which your app ideas and the app stay as your copyright. Once the project is completed, we handover the source code to you. You will hold the full and exclusive rights to use the app as per your discretion and as per NDA.

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