“It is always iPhone v/s Android, but a different approach of iPhone + Andriod  can take you to phenominal reach of 80-90% of smart device users."

iPhone Application Development

As you will agree, we live in a world where mobile application is part of our life. We use apps to find parking space to apps that schedule an appointment with the dentist and so on. Use of Mobile apps have exploded across the world in the wake of the incredible rise in smartphone usage across the planet

With even faster processing, better display and amazing camera quality (as they say on Apple's website - The only thing that’s changed is everything) - the new iPhone and iPad has again amazed the users and it has become part of the digital life of every mobile enthusiast. Even the Apple carplay is going to revolutionize the way you interact while on four wheels.

According to Statista July 2015 figures, there are about 1.5 million iOS apps available with cumulative downloads of 75 billion apps from the Apple Apps Store between 2008 and 2014. That’s a huge number and it says one thing clearly: apps are a blazing hot opportunity that every business and entrepreneur needs to capitalize on to realize phenomenal success. So,

  • Are you looking at new ways to interact with your customers?
  • Has your business had success with the mobile revolution and are you looking ahead?
  • Have you ever thought of innovative ways for delivering the wonderful experience of rich internet applications to your clients in a handheld device?
  • Are you ensuring that your competitors are not getting ahead of you and grabbing market share?
  • Do you believe that the future of computing and media consumption belongs to mobile devices and mobile devices are blurring the gap between phones and computers, and are looking to get involved?

Are you ready to tap and engage this inevitable market and potential class of users ? Do you need a technical partner who can understand your business and help you chalk out a plan to reach your target audience on mobile platform?

We at Websmith Solution can help you in creating a proper mobile strategy and also deliver it on the iPhone and iPad. We have already delivered some iPhone applications which has resulted in amazing results for our clients. Thanks to our creative, experienced and highly skilled development team, we can provide cost effective applications with extremely less turnaround time.

The general process involves

Strategy - At Websmith Solution, we take the mobile app development process very seriously. It’s not just about putting a bunch of codes together and delivering an app that underperforms and disappoints. For us, time is not of the essence but rather what we come up with within that time matters more.

Design - Once the strategy defined, the most important aspect of User Interface (UI)and User Experience (UX) comes into play and experts in this segment prepare mockups that will cover the most useful features and intuitive flow. This step in the process is iterative and requires feedback loop between you and us to ensure that we fine-tune the user experience to the maximum.

Development - Our team has expertise in this because this is what we are here for, and having delivered some complex apps, we know what it takes to make your app work in live environment. With rigorous testing, we ensure your app is live without any issues. We also embed mobile app performance monitoring tool to gather the behavior of the app in real world and take corrective action in case of any issue reported via such tool.

Maintenance and Support will always be part of the delivery and you can be rest assured that the development team who worked on your app knows when to upgrade your app to a new version when new OS is launched by Apple.

Your Idea and your IPR are yours ( Non Disclosure Agreement )

Having worked with overseas client as well as large organizations, we understand that you need your IPR to be safeguarded. We are open to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement under which your app ideas and the app stay as your copyright. Once the project is completed, we handover the source code to you. You will hold the full and exclusive rights to use the app as per your discretion and as per NDA.

Need to talk ? you can contact us with the details and a member of our team will join your further discussion in 2 working days.

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