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Long Code Service - 10 digit virtual number

The word long code is bit hard to understand but when it is explained giving analogy of the common text message (SMS), it is very easy to explain and understand. Long code is a 10-digit mobile number which is specifically designed to receive large number of incoming SMS and to give auto reply based on text it received. The major difference in this functionality is that there is no SIM card to receive the SMS or to send the reply back to the SMS sender. It is a 10-digit virtual number which receives the message on web platform and even sends out reply.

The need of long code was felt because the traditional method to receive the SMS on SIM has many limitations. A SIM card can receive about 30-40 message per minute and if there is a need to reply back to this incoming text message in real time, then the traditional SIM based reply is an unviable option. So if you want to receive SMS in large number, the Long code is the best available solution.  We at Websmith Solution offer 10 digit virtual number ( another name of long code :)  )  which is placed on a very robust telecom platform and has connectivity from the best telco company. One of the main advantage of using Long code is that its users are not charged.

From the technical aspect, the Long code delivers a message to a URL i.e. when a message is received it triggers a pre-defined web page. This web page can contain programming logic based on which the programmers capture the text message, sender's mobile number, date and time of the message.

We at Websmith Solutions have been offering this solution for over 4 years now, so we are well versed with the operational aspects and  understand what it takes to offer a stable platform. You have an option to choose from Shared Long Code or to own your dedicated Long code. The cost of shared Long code is much less in comparision to dedicated Long code. The application or the popular area where the Long code is used are :

Live Contest Voting : The question with option is asked to the users and they can send their reply via a text message. For example, you are at a conference or a seminar and you want the session to be interactive wherein participants provide their feedback in real time. The organiser or the speaker gets real-time insight and they take action based on the inputs.

Getting informaton via text message (getting information from online database) : If you need product information, an address or any information which is stored online via text message, this is the solution. For example, consider a situation where you want to provide a store address based on pincode shared by user.

Flight Status / Train Status : Even in today's world, the relevance of text message is felt when the internet connectivity is down for some reason. In such cases, the users can get the details via a text message. One such area of application is getting the flight status, train status or reservation status in absence of internet connectivity.

Our GSM Modem based solution (SIM Card based Long code) is suitable if you have a limited number of Incoming SMS, which is also known as SIM Hosting. Further, to keep pace with technology, we have launched an andriod app which also acts as SIM Hosting and the application is available on demand to the user.


So, when you need any assistance in selecting the right kind of solution be it shared Long code, dedicated Long code or SIM hosting based solution, we will deliver the most suitable solution.

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