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M2M Software Solutions - Internet of Things (IoT)

Better Internet connectivity and smart mobile phones and devices with internet connectivity has opened the new avenues of opportunities for business which was never seen before. The combination of these two is changing the way of life and it has just started,  The devices are now becoming smart enough to gather the data and even transmit them via internet as and when required. The pool of inter connected devices and data gathering sensors acts as your moniotors and provide the data which can be converted into 'information'.

So, to put it in simple terms, Internet of Things -  IoT is a well connected infrastructure where nearly every type of machine / device has inbuild capacity to transfer the data gathered and publish the data on internet and at the same  time interact with other machies and devices.

The potential of solutions which IoT has brought is only limited by ones imagination. Some of the major area where IoT is getting used are

Smart Homes - You communicate with the devices of your home remotely and efficiently.

Health Care - Time has arrived where you dont need to go your doctor for routine sugar level check up or for checking up for your blood pressure, with right kind of hardware and software, your doctor gets the data remotely .

Energy Sector - Monitoring energy usage , be it your machinery / factory plant or residential building the inter connected set of sensors can provide the data in realtime about energy use and potential data about how to conserve it

At websmith solution, we deliver the software solution for IoT platform. Developing and delivering embedded software solution is also one of the solution we offer so that you get a better result starting from integrating hardware till the software which analyse the data gathered.

We have worked on integration of data from the IoT platforms and our team of software developers are also well versed with working ons with data of all types like : live links to automation systems and smart meters, connections to SQL databases, static CSV files, or web service feeds.

We know this because we’ve seen big smiles on the faces of our other customers, when they saw what we’d built them. So when you come to us, be reassured that you are working with a team that is passionate about meeting customer needs. All your requirements and suggestions transform into working functions. This is what gives us the greatest satisfaction, knowing we helped you solve a problem you were facing.

In the last decade, Websmith solution has worked with start-ups that have grown to become very profitable medium sized companies, as well as some start-ups that were built to sell. We believe that our success is connected to your success and thus invest the time to understand your goals and strategy. As a part of Version1.0, we can even build to budget.

Are you ready to see your idea for a desktop application transformed into a reality? If you are, we’d be pleased to hear from you to schedule a sit-down to discuss your ideas and requirements. Give us a ring on +91-9998069856 or email

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