“Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) play an important role in the world economy & contribute substantially to income, output and employment."

Solutions for Growth - Tapping Opportunies

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) play an important role in the world economy and contribute substantially to income, output and employment. However, the recent global financial crisis created a particularly tough climate for SMEs, with a reduction in demand for goods and services. SMEs face a number of challanges which includes non-availability of suitable technology, ineffective marketing strategy, identification of new markets, constraints on modernisation & expansions, non availability of highly skilled labour at affordable cost, followup with various government agencies to resolve problems etc.

We try to offer web and I.T. (information and technology) based solutions to small and medium size business organisations to overcome this challanges effectively. Generally Prime motive of any business organisation is growth which ultimately reflects in increased profitability.

At websmith solution, try to provide customized solutions to our clients specially to those who belong to SME segment. SME have their own challanges, mainly lack of awareness and limited budget becomes the greatest obstacles. From our experience we have seen that SME are ready to adapt to new technolgoy provided they are offered right product at right price. At websmith solution we take this obstacle aS opportunity and try to create a solution which is win win situation for both the companies. With the help of internet and I.T. we try to formulate a solution which are beneficial to all.

Solution can in form of Marketing Support or providing the SMEs with ERP which really helps them to smoothen their operations and improve overall business efficiency. We have also started provding IoT based solutions as part of our startegy to cater the SMEs with most best solutions at affordable prices.

We work on :
1) Pay for Performace : This is specifically target to industries which are interested in exporting or importing product of their choice. With this model client is required to pay only if the plan which we chalked out works in favour of client. We do charge a basic fees to cover operational cost involved but once the client get the desired result the remaining portion the fee is charged. This is generally helpful to the individuals or organisation who don't want to hire inhouse SEO / web marketing personal or cannot afford the recurring cost / regular overhead of hiring a such professional. This service includes marketing of companies product and website to all possible media.

2) Serve to the Demand : Each business is unique and the challenges faced by each business is also unique. We try to figure out the exact demand of our customer and after studying the requirment / product we try to provide a solution which aligns with business requirements of client.

3) Expands the market visiblity or market reach of the customer : Key to success of any business is having a right kind of "quality product" and making this product available to "right kind of people" i.e. the target audience. We ensure that your product / services are e-visible on the internet and other related electronic media.

4) Blending Tools : No single tools can work magic. One has to blend various available optoins depending upon target audience. Here also we try to help select a proper media for marketing a website. Be it marketing via Linkedin or Re-designing your marketing collaterals and website in vernacular language in the country you export. We try to evaludate and apply all the different marketing channels.

5) Softwares Solutions : We try to find out where we can help our customer to automate the repetative task with the help of customised software solutions or suggesting best software available in the market. Whereever possible, we personally visit clients premises, see working method, interact with actual users and the basis of this assessment we offer software solution. The ultimate aim is to saves precious manhours and this saved man hours can applied for more productive business activity.

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