"A smart catalog and Mobile commerce platform with payment gateway to empower you go mobile and start engaging users"

Mobile Store and Catalogue - MoGIC | Smart Catalogue

Platform: Mobile and Web

Mobile/Tablet OS supported:
Android, iOS and Windows Phone

MoGIC is a suite of Mobile based products created by us and this suite covers about 5 different products. MoGIC is a coined word for "Mobile Magic" and MoGIC - Catalogue is developed with the strategy of 'Mobile First'.

This product allows you to create your own product catalogue or own mobile based store on all the three major mobile OS. The backend or the web admin is also highly adaptive to the users requirement and within 2-3 days, you can start showcasing your products to the target audience with your own branded Mobile Application on Android, iOS and Windows store.

Some of the major feature of Mogic | Smart Catalogue is that you can control the visibility of all your product in real time per user as well as you can customize it specific to user and as per your requirement. The price structure can be changed with single clicks. You can also launch the promotional schemes and notify the clients about promotions/discounts using Push Notifications.

  • Creating, managing & controlling categories as required by users in real time
  • Creating, managing & controlling product as required by users in real time
  • Changing & controlling prices in real time
  • Differential pricing per user
  • Controlling visibility through public, private or ecommerce features
  • Analytics which provides insight of users preferences and buying habits

In the MoGIC | Catalogue - major payment gateways like PayTM, CcAvenue, Atom can be integrated in the app on demand as soon as user finishes the legal agreement with this payment gateway providers. As the integration of this gateway is already available in the mobile app, the same can be made live with minimal time. Further, we keep on adding the support for payment gateways with each new release.

Segments: The product is suitable to any business which has a very large product range and the business keep on adding new designs and products frequently. For e.g. to name the few sectors - Jeweler manufacturer, Hardware manufacturer, Premium gift article manufacturer, FMCG, Pharma, Auto part manufacturers, Ceramic tile manufacturers, dealers, Bearing manufacturer etc.

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