"You help to manage account/profits of your client and we help you to do that with great ease and increase your efficiency"

A Product for CA and Accountants- MoGIC | Accounts

Platform: Mobile and Web

Mobile / Tablet OS supported:
Android, iOS and Windows Phone

MoGIC is a suite of Mobile based products created by us and this suite covers about 5 different products. MoGIC is a coined word for "Mobile Magic" .

MoGIC | Accounts is a software product which helps Chartered Accountants and helps them in

  1. Traceability of Documents & Books of Accounts
  2. Organize Record & Identify deficiency in Books of Accounts
  3. Time Tracking of tasks against allotted time
  4. Control Staff access rights & track their efficiency
  5. Optimal work distribution
  6. Ensure Compliance with Government & Regulatory deadlines
  7. Timely reminder to parties through SMS, Email or Mobile app
  8. Auto generation of Invoice
  9. Branding
  10. Dashboard
  11. Perform in-depth Analytics
  12. Adhoc request for historical records

This product allows CAs and Accountant to take their business to new level by increasing overall productivity and help them to interact with the clients in the way they have never done before.

The software is available cloud as well as on-premise deployment mode. For demo and pricing please contact us

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