"Enterprise chat application for effective communication with the control tools you always wished for."

Mobile + Web based chat application - MoGIC | Chat

Platform: Mobile and Web

Mobile / Tablet OS supported:
Android, iOS

A closed ended Enterprise chat software:

MoGIC is a suite of Mobile based products created by us and this suite covers about 5 different products. MoGIC is a coined word  for "Mobile Magic" .

This MOGIC Chat is a Mobile to Mobile + Web based chat application. This chat application is designed with the goal to offer the company or organization with their own whatsapp like chat application. This chat application is a close ended chat and the entire control of members, groups and the feature availability to each member is controlled by the web admin.

The feature includes

  1. Allow the member to access the chat application as well as allow the access to the organizational member directory.
  2. Create the Group based on city, branch, designation, roles and control the visibility of details of member.
  3. Tool to Monitor all the chats and attachments from the web admin panel.
  4. Broadcast a message to unlimited number of members and get the real time report of seen vs unseen. Auto reminder in case of unseen notifications.
  5. Control the data retention policy on the handset from web admin level so the users phone dont get overloaded with all the chats/notification and attachments.
  6. Share pictures, excel, word files or report directly from the chat app.
  7. Feasibility to Integrate third reporting system in the chat application itself.
  8. Auto Escalation of the issues pertaining to the HR if reported via Chat app.
  9. Add on module of Sales force management is available where the sales team can post the pictures of site visit and each picture is Geo-location tagged so that the management or HO has better visibility of each sales visit.

This software product is designed to offer better insight and control over internal communication of an organization and bring the transparency and efficiency in overall business operations.

The software is available on cloud as well as on-premise deployment mode. For demo and pricing please contact us

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