"A new way to offer chat support - connect your userbase with your support team from their mobile phone"

Mobile to Desktop real time support - MoGIC | ChatSupport

Platform: Mobile and Web

Mobile / Tablet OS supported:
Android, iOS

MoGIC is a suite of Mobile based products created by us and this suite covers about 5 different products. MoGIC is a coined word for "Mobile Magic" .

This software for offering chat support is designed to work from Mobile to Desktop for offering real time support to users. Business Intelligence is the key to competitive advantage and when you look deep down into nature of support/service request of you business, you will surely get a better insight on where your product or process needs improvement. MoGIC | ChatSupport is designed with the vision to deliver this.

This is Mobile to browser or you can say PC based support system software. This chat application is designed with the goal to offer the chat support from Mobile Application and the queries or support request are received at the call center on browser. The web admin can control the number of chat a team member has to handle as well as look at chat details of each support member.

The primary feature includes

  1. Controlling of the support request each member can handle.
  2. Creating of short cuts to speed up the chat conversation.
  3. Queue Management.
  4. Admin can view all the chat details as well as pull out all historical data for any particular instance.
  5. Reply to chats received when you were offline.
  6. Feasibility to Integrate existing App via API.
  7. Analytics about the type of support request received over a period of time as well as general time spent per support request

This software product is designed to offer quick support from even Mobile App. Since each member can handle multiple support request simultaneously, you can increase the customer satisfaction ratio which in turn will enhance brand image and helps in retaining clients.

The software is available cloud as well as on-premise deployment mode. For demo and pricing please contact us

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