"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much. A like minded, qualified and experienced team is what it takes to for success."

Offshore Development team

India has emerged as one of the major force when it comes to providing technical resource pool in Information and technology segment. Further, it is also well known for quality resources at the cost which is fractional when compared to development cost in developed countries.

The challenge of hiring quality resource, managing and retaining it came be a challenge from remote location. This is where we come in the picture. We provide you a developer or a team of developer with desired technical skills who will work only on your projects and directly report to you.

Since you directly interact with the design and development team, you can make as many iterations or elaborate changes as you wish without any hassle. A dedicated team is also a more economical way of engagement if you're clear about the requirements and know exactly what resources you require to fulfill those requirements.


  • You define coding standards and styles or proceed with coding standards and styles defined by us; this will help you in understanding the code better if you ever want to put two teams, one in India another at your location.
  • You delegate work and communicate continuously with team, so chances of getting a product which match your vision is very high
  • Set up daily or weekly update calls
  • Pay fix monthly charges to Websmith solution per resource or team size depending on skills set.

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