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Java and Blackberry Mobile apps were once considered to be an inevitable options, but with ever changing technology the market share of this OS dropped and it is almost down to less than 2%. The point we are mentioning this OS in Mobile App development segment is that we still get request to develop Mobile apps for Java from Mobile Recharge segments.

In this era of smart phones and easy access to internet, there are class of users who still uses the Java enabled handsets and use the same for communicating via SMS. The java handsets are available under INR 2000 Sub 35 USD) and this is the reason we still build and deliver this app (Jar/Jad files).

Even in case of Blackberry OS which was one the most prominent OS and most prominent handset in the business class, the requirement of new app is diminishing because of the dropping market share.

But having worked on this platform, we at Websmith Solution can still provide you the solutions incase you need to enhance any of your legacy app or if you have any special requirements.


To reduce its Android dependence, Samsung began developing Tizen in cooperation with Intel and other developers in 2011. Samsung - the global leader in Smart phone market is backing this open source mobile OS Platform and Tizen has been under development for few years now.

Samsung is using Android as its native OS for almost all kind of hardware it manufactures but Samsung could not replace Android for Tizen as the pre-installed operating system on its devices. It may take some time for Samsung to do this because App ecology for the Tizen is not present yet. But if, Samsung ever does this, it would cause an immediate, major change in the industry, as the company accounts for 63% of all Android shipments.

However, in practice, any change in the industry will likely take years to evolve, as the Korean giant probably isn't willing to risk losing customers to competitors.

Remember that the number of apps a given operating system can support is a key success factor. It is not a coincidence that Android is the most popular system with the most apps. Likewise, the low number of apps available for Windows Phone and BlackBerry is likely the main reason why these systems are not as popular.

To promote the development of original applications for Tizen, Samsung has offered millions of dollars in prizes and funding. Samsung may gradually push Tizen into new products, while keeping Android as the pre-installed, default operating system for its flagship Galaxy devices. For example, Samsung is releasing a new version of its Gear smart watch, which will run Tizen instead of the Android operating system. Of course, it will take years before Samsung can build a strong community of Tizen developers.

This is a savvy business strategy, as there are fewer apps for wearable gadgets. Most Android applications will not work on wearable due to the smaller screens and other technical limitations.

Like Android, Tizen is an operating system based on Linux. To provide a flexible, open environment for application developers, the project is also open-source project, which means anybody can see the source code and create or suggest a modification. That being said, most of the project is controlled by Samsung, just like Google controls most of the development efforts in the Android community. Some of the features worth mentioning are :

  • Its an Open source OS and it is targeted as multi device platform. So you can tinker with the user interface and offer something really intuitive
  • Tizen is more than mobile OS - The first Tizen device was the 20.3-megapixel Samsung NX300M camera and it was launched in the late 2013. It is there in Samsung wearable gadgets and it is also there in Camera, soon we can see it TV or Vehicle Infotainment Systems

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