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Pay Per Click - Be Visibile, Go Global

Pay Per Click or PPC advertising is a phenomenon of the modern Internet. Whenever you visit a website today or do a search on Google or Yahoo, you’ll see a number of text and image ads appear on the page advertising all manner of things. As an advertiser, whenever an ad is clicked, it means someone has shown interest in what you are advertising and is willing to take the next step to find out more about it. This is the powerful premise of PPC advertising and it has transformed the fortunes of businesses across the globe.

Today the most effective PPC advertisements are run on either the Google, Yahoo or Bing advertising networks. But the networks only provide the platform to run a PPC campaign. Having an experienced and trusted partner running the campaigns is what matters more. For a PPC campaign to be successful, it must convert clicks into either paying customers, subscribers or whatever the conversion metric for the advertiser is. So if you are selling toys online, your PPC campaign must translate into actual sales for it to be considered successful. But it’s not as simple as it seems. It takes much more than simply setting up some ads and throwing some money at your PPC campaign. It needs the following questions and more addressed:

1. Who is your target market and where can you reach them online?
2. What ad network would be best suited for your business: Google, Yahoo or Bing?
3. What keywords will you use to run your campaign and are they going to be effective?
4. How much should you spend on ads and how does this reflect in your cost of customer acquisition calculations?
5. How do you monitor the success of your PPC campaign and how do you know what to change in order to improve results?

These and other similar questions are a sample of aspects we look at when preparing a PPC campaign for our clients. We have the extensive experience and knowledge having worked with PPC for years to know how to build an effective and profitable PPC campaign that returns a profit to your business. Whether you want to run a PPC campaign to generate awareness of your brand, or drive sales or increase subscriptions, we are able to craft a PPC campaign for you that delivers measurable results. We know that it’s not just about spending as much money as you can but rather getting as much bang for your buck as possible. This is only possible when you work with an experienced and trusted partner such as Websmith Solution.

So what goes into a successful PPC campaign? When it comes to PPC, one thing we have discovered is that the most crucial point in the campaign is the planning phase. During the planning phase is where you either get it right or get it wrong. To get it right you must ensure you are working with the right keywords. You also need to determine whether to use text ads or image ads while also figuring out how to restrict your ads to the most relevant demographic in your area. This and other aspects are key elements of a successful PPC campaign and we take meticulous care to get them right before launching the campaign. Of course this is just half the story. We measure and re-measure results while the ads are live to refine our strategy and optimize results.

As you can see, we take PPC advertising and our work in general very seriously. This is because we know you are spending money to see results so we concentrate on delivering this throughout the process. We are the right partner for you if you are looking for credible and demonstrated results from a partner you can trust with your project and hopes.

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