"Define your vision and get the delivery at within defined cost/time."

Project Based Engagement

In this approach of engagement, we ask you to be as specific as possible in terms of idea and delivery requirements. This process includes selection of technology platform and the vision which you carry for your product.

Based on the initial paper work and discussion, the scope of work can be defined and we provide an estimate in terms of

  • Number of resources required
  • Technical skill and experience of team for successful delivery of project
  • Calculation of man month or hours required to complete the project
  • Post-live maintenance and upgradation plan

If required, we even provide estimate for providing low fidelity wireframes for better definition of scope of work

Once all that is done and approved in writing by you we’ll start shaping your idea and ensure that it receives the initial traction. Through our end-to-end service,we ensure that you do not have to work with multiple vendors explaining the whole thing over and over and worry about the communication problems among them.

Our project based approach offer a pre-defined set of deliverables tailored to your explicit needs, this help you to control your budget as well as you can put the resources for marketing or implementation .


  • Be it the scope, timeline or the estimated budget, all are outlined in the framework of the project before getting started with the work so as to avoid miscommunications or budget overruns.
  • You will be always updated on how long and how much it will take to successfully deliver project.

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