"Engage, Inform, Remind & Reach out to your user base with a simple yet powerful tool - SMS."

Transactional SMS Solutions - SMS Service for Business

SMS (text messaging) started as a short and effecitve method of communication, but with the changing time and ever evolving technology, this simple messaging System has evolved to such new level that it has became part of our daily mobile usage. You must have received your bank balance daily morning via SMS even before you wake up or you get a text alert while you are withdrawing the money from ATM or you secure your password reset transaction with One Time Password (OTP) while resetting a Gmail password - this are all classic examples of effective use of SMS Service.

Earlier the SMS was not classified as Transactional SMS or Promotional SMS but the rampant and uncontrolled use of SMS by marketers forced the Government to introduce certain restrictions and because of this situation the categroisatoin of web based SMS came into force. As per telecom regulations, Transactional SMS need to be approved prior its use. Certain portion of the text message is dynamic while major portion of text is static. Transactional SMS can be deliverd to any numbers including those in Do Not Distrub registry as it is approval based messages and there is no time based restrictions. Promotional Messages can be delivered only between 9 AM to 9 PM while there is no such restriction on Transactional SMS.

We at Websmith Solution offers SMS solutions which is based on best connectivity and we offer 99.95% uptime of our SMS Platform, we take great care to ensure timely delivery of SMS and provide you detailed report about delivered message, messages which are in queue or rejected with specific reasons.

The features we support on our Transactional SMS Platform - Group Messaging, Custom Sender ID, API funcationality for integration with any other software, Long code based Trigger, scheduling of SMS.

Price - per SMS

SMS PACK (SMS Credits) Transactional Price Per SMS  
5,000 INR 0.40  
10,000 INR 0.30  
25,000 INR 0.25
50,000 INR 0.20  
100,000 INR 0.16  
500,000 or above INR 0.14  

For custom integration of SMS or any special need for SMS feel free to contact us with details. Having worked in this industry for almost 7 years now, we can offer some of the most stable solutions. Segments which we have catered are Mobile Recharging industry, Banks, Educational institues where school and colleges send result on SMS, Stock brokers, Insurance companies , Software developers. For details send email to

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