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Web Application Development

The line between PC, Laptop, Mobile devices is getting thin by day ,with ever increasing penetration of faster internet and mobile internet becoming more and more powerful, there is major shift in the way the software are being developed, a decade ago, desktop applications was a general standard but now a days web application development has became inevitable as it offers the advantages and freedom is something necessity. Now a days the only thing you require to run a software is a browser and a connectivity over intranet or internet.

The word "cloud" computing or cloud based solutions is becoming necessity were everything is hosted / stored online at with some reliable and secure datacenter, is now on rise and it has opened the sea of new opportunities. Web application offers immense freedom in terms of accessibility and even in terms of installation and support and maintenance, with the freedom of running on any Operating System ( OS ) and accessing your data from anywhere on the internet comes with certain challenges like.

  • Does your web application's frontend is very intuitive to run and use ?
  • Does you web application runs flawlessly across all the popular browser ?
  • Does you web application need a mobile browsing compatibility so that your sales force or outdoor team can access it on low bandwidth area or vast variety of devices ?
  • Is your web application hosting infrastructure scalable to handle increase in load when you expand your business ? or you need a cloud solution where you pay only for what you use ?
  • Is you database scalable enough to meet your expanding user base and is your application and database designed to handle concurrency

When you come to us with the requirement or challenges, we at websmith solution always evaluate your requirement and try to suggest the best mix of solution, be it selecting technology to develop your web application or selecting hosting infrastructure i.e. do you need a web based application or a combination of desktop + web application or a combination of web application and mobile app to even cover the last mile connectivity. We understand that software and web application is not something which you change often and what you put in developing application should be investment and not an expense.

We take great care not to overwhelm you with unnecessary bunch of options but to be your technical consultant to help you select best technological tools so as to bring a most cost effective solutions which suits your need as well as your pocket.

We know you need a 'cost effective solution' which "WORKS for you" and which aligns with your "business vision and growth strategy". We design and develop solution which help small and medium enterprises to achieve best in terms of efficiency and Return on Investment and provide in-depth visibility of what's going on in your organization.

Your executive team needs an easy to use software while you need a reporting system which converts data in information which you need to understand what's going on and take management level decision.

This is where we try put our experience at work and even take services of domain expert, if required . We commit to what we can deliver

Customer Relation Management system ( CRM )

We can develop a CRM which suits to your need or if you need to integrate any existing CRM into your existing system, we can deliver both. We can even evaluate various options readily available and come up with the best one which suits to your need. So developing a new CRM or integrating the readily available tools - both option is available. Whether, it is simple ticket management system or integration of Enterprise Chat application to serve global clients, we have delivered it all. Share you requirement and let us start exploring a solution.

Web portal development

More than a website. A web platform for Corporate to Government to start attracting, engaging and retaining the user base. It can be food review portal or travel review portal or a collaboration tool, Web portals are now a day's only limited by your imaginations. We at websmith solution develop portal which are scalable and secure.

E-Commerce solution

You have some fascinating idea or product(s) and you want to convert that idea into a profitable venture or want to start selling the products to the niche market or global audience, in all these cases, you will require a robust platform to deliver. We help you from selecting right kind of solution in terms of using a ready to use tool or to build something from scratch. We work on e-commerce stores like Magento, Presta shop using open source technology or develop a web application which is customized to your need.

Content Management System

If you need to develop a web application which updates your web portal on regular basis or you need a web application to the capture, save and retrieve the data generated in your organization in structured and searchable database, you will need a powerful Content management system. In this age of information ,to keep all the stack holders updated on real time with latest information as quickly as possible is need of time. Having worked on developing custom CMS, we know what it takes to build a successful web application in terms of CMS.

We have seen some techies explaining whole lot of technology or even worst asking their clients in which technology you would like to build your web application and what database platform you would like to your or even worst they are putting counter arguments if client says - other vendor is suggesting JAVA as a platform or .Net is better.

We also Even to cover the last mile connectivity and to keep in touch while on go and also with mobile work force, now a days almost all the web applications are connected to mobile application on all platform ( andriod, iOS and windows ).

You know your business and web applications offers a technological solution to

  • to monitor and track inventories in real time or to co-ordinate branch operations
  • bring more efficiency in operations and enhance bottom line
  • Ensure auto compliances to legal regulations , we help you select the right kind of technological tools which delivers the solution you need while keeping in mind the budget to build, run and maintain the same. We understand that software and web application is not something which you change often.

I have my website and I want it to rank better on Google , Yahoo and Bing. Currently I am even not sure what my ranking is. I also want to reach my target audience who are there on Internet, How can you help in achieveing it

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