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Reliable Web Hosting Solutions & SSL Certificates

We have been in the business of web hosting since the inception and having worked with some major Data Centers across USA, Europe and India we understand the importance of stable hosting platforms and exceptional support which this business segment requires.

Imagine your e-commerce website going down during the festive sale or when you are running a offline and online marketing campaign and you have sudden surge of traffic and because of that either your website becomes slows or un-responsive because your developement or IT team was not prepared for this situation. It can be a catastrophic situtation for business in many ways which includes financial loss as well as hampers brand image.

A stable hosting platform which is easily scaleable and has a full proof contiengency plan is mandatory. Selecting right data center + appropriate hardware/platform + software combination requires years of experience and we are good at this. Having experience of working with top Data centers for years, you can be rest assured that you will get best solution and support for your requirement.

At websmith Solution, we provide variety of hosting solution which includes shared hosting to dedicated hosting servers based on your requirements. Our server solution include :

Servers for Small and Medium Business : We offer the most dynamic and innovative solutions. From application server or email servers to e-commerce tools to storage area networks (SAN) to backup and security, we offer full suite of solution which are fully scalable and managed by experts. We can provide you with large email box (5 GB to 50 GB per ID) or large number of email seats , along with a sound backup up policy.

Windows Hosting : From the small applications to the large enterprise solutions, we cover all your Windows hosting requirements. With the rise in popularity of scalable, fault-tolerate databases and ASP .NET scripts, many of our users have turned to a Windows hosting solution. Even our shared server are equipped with latest OS and MS - SQL Web Editions to Enterprise versions.

Linux Hosting : Linux hosting is very much in demand because of the about 50% of websites gets developed on L.A.M.P and it is long respected for its stability. We make sure to develop all our hosting options for availability on the Linux operating system. From entry-level shared plans to our largest enterprise solutions, our Linux hosting options can benefit your project and can fit within your budget. If you need a enterprise email server or a dedicated hosting server for your e-commerce website, give us a call to choose from host of options.

HIPPA Compliant : When your business needs to transfer highly critical information that must remain confidential under HIPAA privacy standards, we can provide solutions to make HIPAA compliance-ready hosting easier than ever to attain. We have teamed up partnership with experts in this segment

Often, the consequences of the loss or compromise of this data could cause irreparable damage to a client’s reputation, if not even more serious legal penalties. In order to ensure our clients are protected, we have crafted the ideal plan making sure technical controls, backup management, safeguards and physical security policies are in place, all to verify that your data is secured to HIPAA compliance standards and beyond.

With years of experience, we help you anlayse the server requirements to get most appropriate quote based on technology, type of database, expected number of concurrent users, geographical user base, requirement of CDN to, considering latency issues and overall support which requires to maintain this servers.  We maintain high standards when it comes to host a website and thats the reason we keep server in the hand of best Data Centers having exceptional uptime records and SLA. The best may cost your bit higher in initial run but when you calculate TCO and uptime & support, it is always worth paying few extra bucks.

When required, We also help clients in hosting website on Amazon Web Service or Microsoft Azure after understanding the architecture of their web application or websites.

So, to sum up, just give us a call or email us when you need a partner to select the appropriate hosting platform which helps you go global and always reachable .

If you are ready to work with a trusted and experienced web hosting company or need a cloud hosting solution, give us a call on +91 99980 69856 .

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