"Windows OS has 86% market share & the possibility delivering a single solution & unified experience on various devices like PC, Tablets, Phone is amazing"

Windows Phone and Store Application Development

Microsoft Windows Phone is an operating system that has had a checkered history. Microsoft were the pioneers in mobile operating systems with OS like Microsoft CE. More recently, with their acquisition of Nokia’s handset business, the operating system is finally ready for ShowTime. Nokia phones are now renamed as Microsoft phone and developing Windows Phone apps is a good bet on a very bright future ahead of the Microsoft-owned mobile operating system.

The market share of Windows Phone is very low in comparison to Android and iOS but the Microsoft is investing good amount in marketing the phone. Additionally because of its robust hardward quality, loyal user base of Nokia phones still holds their ground. All the major app and games providers have started providing their application on all OS including windows phone as a strategy to reach maximum mobile users.

More importantly, Windows is still the go-to operating system for most business and enterprise customers so if this is your target market, developing a Windows Phone mobile app is the best way forward.

  1. You have an app which is successfully running on Andriod and iOS but you need to reach to whole lot of smart phone users? if yes, you need a Windows phone Application as your 3rd platform.
  2. Do you know even the security experts says Windows Phone platform is more secured compared to Android and iOS. So are you concerned about security of your enterprise App and need a app on more secure platform?
  3. Are you targeting European market? If so, you might need to think of Windows App as Microsoft phone has more than 10% market share of european markets
  4. Your enterprise application runs on Windows and now you want to offer an App which has almost zero learning curve to your team ?

If your answer is affirmative to any of the above. Considering going for windows phone app.

So, if you are considering app for the platforms out there which matters, the platform which offers a unified experience and has very easy learning curve and the one which has higher security rating even by experts, go with Windows Phone application development

We at Websmith solution has already delivered apps which are live on Windows Phone store and our team of experts keep on updating their skill and development process with each new release. So when you need an app on Windows OS apart from Android & iOS from a single vendor, you don't need to look further as we have also developed & delivered Windows apps, which are live on Windows store.

Your Idea and your IPR are yours (Non Disclosure Agreement)

Having worked with international clients and large organizations, we understand that you need your IPR to be safeguarded. We are open to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement under which your app ideas and the app continues to be your copyright. Once the project is completed, we can handover the source code to you as per agreement. You will hold the full and exclusive rights to use the app as per your discretion and as per NDA.

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