“Security is not a product, it’s a continuous process and prevention is always better than cure"


Wireless Auditing


One of the primary reasons of wireless networks getting hacked is because of the poor native protocol and encryption design coupled with common mistakes in configuring enterprise WLANs. For instance, all of us are very much aware of how vulnerable WEP implementation is.

We offer comprehensive WLAN Auditing and Consultancy services to help assess the security posture of your WLAN and to configure it to the maximum security level possible.

Benefits of Wireless Auditing

  • Helps understand the security vulnerabilities in current WLAN setup
  • Helps to fix those issues
  • Helps to get more control over wireless network
  • Helps in increasing productivity

Our Approach

1) Enumerate Wireless Network : Our Consultants start off the wireless hacking exercise first by enumerating i.e. looking out for wireless networks. Presence of WLAN is typically carried out in two ways:

  • Lookout for the Wireless AP (Access Point) beacons; also called SSID
  • Callout for typical/well known SSIDs can lookout for response.

2) Crack Wireless Network : Based on the encryption used, whether it is WEP, WPA, LEAP, etc., we will proceed for cracking the algorithm used to secure the network.

3) Gaining Access over Wireless Network : Our Consultants will then fully penetrate and gain access to take control over the entire Wireless network.

4) Report : The wireless auditing report will be a comprehensive description of all vulnerabilities those were found during the exercise based on criticality ratings. The report will also contain a road map to secure the Wireless Network in a long run.

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